Arizona has a year long summer for sure


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  1. Posted by jannysnyder, — Reply

    In Pennsylvania we sometimes get all four seasons within the course of a few days-a week.

  2. Posted by zacuzins, — Reply

    It’s more like summer and then a mix between all the rest

  3. Posted by FigmentDoesStuff, — Reply

    Wait there are other seasons?

  4. Posted by Lizqrt, — Reply

    Pffffft you believe in Summer?

  5. Posted by adelaideh25, — Reply

    For me it's mostly winter

  6. Posted by Sea_doggo, — Reply

    Hello I live in Arizona and I have one question, what is winter

  7. Posted by emmadegiulio08, — Reply

    There is spring and fall in the south. But this is mostly true!

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